If you want a fun birthday cake try something different.

How about baking several round cakes. Use smaller cake pans if you have them. You can even make different flavored cakes.

Now once you have baked your cakes and put them in the freezer so they are easier to ice you are ready to create a fun birthday cake.

Get a large piece of cardboard. cover it with foil. Now ice each of those cakes in a different color. You can start with white and then add food coloring. Take each cake and add a triangle of icing under each cake. Now comes the fun part.

Get some whip licorice and cut long lengths. You will make a balloon bouquet with these cakes. This is a fun easy cake idea. If you practice you will have a neat looking bouquet that your child will love.

Take each cake and put a message. Happy Birthday on one, The age on another. The name on another and maybe stars or something fun on the others. You can use your imagination here. This is a fun birthday cake idea and you can adapt it to most any birthday.

With this idea you can make several flavors of cake too. You can make a licorice tie to put all the strings together. If you are having several people this makes a fun birthday cake and lots of cake to go around.

Most any kid will love the idea of having cakes that look like balloons. If you want a different idea with this same them. Bake large cookies and decorate them with the same idea.

Having a fun birthday cake idea can be just the beginning ot creating professional looking cakes that people will love.

If you want to learn how to decorate cakes. You will amaze your family and friends, as you create cakes that will make them drool!

You can learn the art of cake decorating. It is fun, easy and can be profitable. Watch the video and explore the page. Don’t miss all the great bonuses too! mini cakes sydney

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