The oil mist collector is a machine tool air filtration system designed to remove metalworking fluid (coolant or machining oil) in the form of oil smoke and mist that is given off during the metalworking process. This oil mist can cause slippery shop floors and oil-coated walls and is a safety hazard to the employees working in the shop. These systems can be mounted to an existing machine without the need for costly alterations. They can filter out up to 70% of the oil in the air and return pure air back into the workspace, offering high oil removal efficiency, low power consumption, simple installation and usage, and quiet operation.

Using a mist collector is one of the best ways to ensure safe and efficient production in your shop. While specialized protective clothing, aprons, and encapsulated suits can protect against the health hazards of oil smoke exposure, an oil mist collector will remove the smoke completely from the work area and eliminate workplace exposure. These systems can be hung from the ceiling, placed on a fume extractor stand, or mounted to a cart or table to be used where the work is performed in the shop.

To begin with, the system draws in the air through a set of 4 cleanable mesh pre-filters that will capture any large particulates that are in the air. This will help to reduce the maintenance cost of the machine as well as increase the lifespan of the filter. The air then flows into the filter chamber where the 3D impact process will separate out up to 70% of the oil mist molecules. This will be collected in the stainless-steel woven filter and can be easily disassembled and cleaned for extended service life.

Once the oil is separated, it can be drained from the filter through the drain plug and recycled back into your machine for reuse. Alternatively, the recovered oil can be removed for proper disposal by your facility. The air is then filtered through the carbon pre-filter again for any final particulates before returning into the work area.

In the case of LNS FOX WS2, it uses a three-stage filtration process, utilizing a stainless steel pre-filter, cyclonic separation chamber and finally the reusable industrial filter for up to 99% filtration and a residual oil mist concentration of only 0.2 mg/m3(milligrams per cubic meter). This helps to reduce energy costs, eliminate noise and vibration, as well as providing verifiable filtration efficiency.

ITA offers several different types of oil mist collection systems to suit the needs of your machine tools and processes. Our experienced team can help you determine the optimal solution to control your machining environment while keeping your workers safe. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can improve your operation!

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