A live cam is a video camera that streams live images to the internet. It works by capturing light, and that light travels through an image sensor that converts it into digital information in the form of pixels. The information is then sent to a computer that translates the pixels into an image.

Zoos have set up live cams of all kinds of animals. From a penguin cam in Antarctica to a bald eagle cam in Washington, D.C., there are lots of choices. You can also watch nesting birds, like this one of a Mourning Dove or Red-Bellied Woodpecker in Ohio. Another popular live cam is the Namib Desert in Namibia, one of the driest places on earth. It’s home to a wide range of wildlife, including endangered species.

You can also get a glimpse of the private life of other people, 24/7, on a live cam site called Real Life Cam. Some feeds are NSFW, however. The site also has a feed that allows you to interact with the residents of a home as they go about their day. You can even drive them insane by turning on lamps, a fun way to pass the time.

Before you start broadcasting a live cam, make sure your equipment is working properly. Check the camera’s frame rate (frames per second, fps), resolution (measured in pixels), and lens. You’ll also want to have a strong connection for streaming. Tethered Ethernet is the best option, but if you’re going to stream over Wifi, be sure to test your internet speed beforehand. live cam

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