Whether you’re self-employed or own multiple assets, it’s likely that your taxes are more complex than someone who works an office job with W2 income and doesn’t itemize deductions. That’s when it’s worth investing in a tax advisor who can offer expert guidance on your income and investment taxes. The good news is that many businesses recover the cost to hire a tax advisor in reduced tax liabilities (and then some) each year.

A tax advisor is a professional who has advanced training and expertise in tax accounting and law. They help clients create a tax strategy that complies with the Internal Revenue Service’s rules and regulations. They may be CPAs, tax attorneys, or enrolled agents.

In addition to basic tax preparation, tax advisors also help businesses manage their taxes by reducing their liability and capitalizing on deductions. They must be knowledgeable about the IRS’s code and updates, as well as state tax requirements.

For companies looking to grow, a transaction tax specialist is important for navigating the complicated tax implications of mergers and acquisitions. These professionals help reduce tax exposure by evaluating each potential deal, negotiating with the buyer or seller, and creating a risk management plan.

For Carta customers, the Equity Tax Advisor offering offers unlimited tax advisory and one-on-one tax strategy planning for a monthly fee. These specialists are experts who can field all of your employees’ equity and tax questions—no spreadsheets required. They’re also able to run calculations based on decisions you’re thinking about, like exercising stock options or selling a rental property, to show the impact to your bottom line. Steuerberater Hattingen

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