Once a small room of function, today’s bathroom has transformed into a place similar to a favorite spa. When you select the home you want to build whether you are shooting for your luxury dream home plans or something more simplistic, whirlpool tubs, customized showers, and spacious vanities are often included to create a private retreat within the home. However, the bathroom is also a place where clutter can gather quite easily. Various bottles and tubes quickly take over available counter space, making it much more difficult for one to locate exactly what they need. No one wants that kind of added stress in a haven of relaxation! Fortunately, some effective organization and planning right from the beginning can help reduce the clutter and ensure the spa-like bathrooms you are planning stay stress-free and relaxing long after your home is built.

There are three major problems to address when reducing bathroom clutter. The first is having too much stuff. One of the largest sources of clutter in many bathrooms is unused product. Most everyone has purchased shampoo or other such goods that were disliked or replaced before emptying. These partially used portions get tucked into cabinets or abandoned on counters, taking up valuable space. Anything past expiration or that has not been used in more than 12 months should be tossed or donated if appropriate.

The second problem deals with having too little storage. Whether planning your spacious master bath or a mudroom half-bath on your space saving colonial house plans, your future home should make the most of the space available. From individual baskets organized by family member to glass jars that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, there are numerous products available to keep cabinets tidy and countertops clean. Design cabinets to use often overlooked vertical space in smaller bathrooms. Also, do not forget the importance of “off-site” storage! Hall closets are great for storing extra rolls of toilet paper, large towels, and other surplus odds and ends until needed in the immediate space. Plan them accordingly.

The third problem deals with having no organizational system. Once the clutter has been removed and the storage has been designed, it is imperative to assign everything a proper home. Determine a sensible system for storing your products, for example, hand soap, lotion, toothbrushes and toothpaste may all be used most frequently in your bathroom and therefore they are kept on the counter. By keeping with the rule that no more than four objects should remain on the counter, everything else finds a home spot in cabinets or on shelves, and it becomes routine to put them back where they come from.

It may take some time for a new system to become habit once you have moved in, but the ease with which items can be found will be completely worth the effort. In just a few short steps, your dream bathroom can be perfectly planned as a place of rest when you start from the house plans stage and keep organization in mind all the way through the process. Yacht party cartagena

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