Spice Girls posh hottie Victoria Beckham and Soccer hunk David Beckham have had their ups and downs over the years, but stayed together. Once more rumours are abound that all is not well in camp Beckham. Could the stress of missing the World Cup and the imminent end to his playing career, cause the rows to increase? This could be the catalyst to the end of the wedding and costly divorce!

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However, regarding the split-up rumours about the Beckhams, although the couple has had a rough year. Last April it was reported that David had had a steamy affair with his assistant, Rebecca Loos. Victoria stood by her man who called the rumors “ludicrous”.

At the time Victoria said, “We have been through a lot worse than this, and we’re definitely going to get through this.” Apparently they have or they have been putting up a great front. Shortly after rumors of the affair threatened to destroy their marriage, they announced the impending arrival of their third child. This past February, Victoria gave birth to their son Cruz, who joined older brothers Brooklyn, 5, and Romeo, 2.

According to a British newspaper, the former Spice Girl has no plans to join David in Milan, where he’s committed himself to a second loan stint playing for AC Milan to chase his World Cup dream. Victoria will stay behind in Los Angeles so their sons — Brooklyn, ten, Romeo, seven, and four-year-old Cruz — can continue to attend their Hollywood school.

“She has no plans to move,” a British newspaper source said. All three boys are now at the same school and very happy and settled so it would be too much upheaval for just a few months. temposlot

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