Usually, the word ‘nightlife’ denotes the enjoyments that one can have during a night, mainly in the nightclubs, pubs and discos of a large city, which operate only at late nights. But all the cities do not have the suitable environment for enjoying nightlife and in India, only a few cities have this culture of having fun in the nightclubs or bars, at dead hour of the night, the nightlife in Mumbai being the notable among them. The top 5 Indian cities having the grand nightlife are discussed here.

  1. Goa: Goa is a popular destination of all party lovers, who like to enjoy their nightlife on the beaches or at the local pubs or discotheques, where they can enjoy cocktail parties or Jazz concerts at late hour of the nights. People enjoy with their families on the famous beaches or the nightclubs, dancing and drinking merrily. The casinos are also great spots of entertainment for the tourists. Titos, Mambos, Shiros and Butter Lounge are the popular nightclubs of this city.
  2. Mumbai: Mumbai stands second in the list of the top cities that offer the best nightlife in India. The late night parties in the nightclubs and discos are most common in this city, where people enjoy tasty foods, vibrant music played by the DJs and unlimited time for dancing to the beats of the music on the dancing floor of the clubs and discos, throughout the nights. Insomnia of Hotel Taj Mahal, Aaziano Bar, Fire n Ice, Totos and Zenzi at Bandra region are the most popular nightclubs of Mumbai.
  3. Delhi: Being the capital city of India, Delhi houses plenty of nightclubs, restaurants, bars or in 5 Star hotels, where the young people enjoy the whole nights, drinking and dancing to their hearts’ content. But very late hours may not be that safe for the young women, due to the increase in crimes rates in this city. So here the nightlife is not so universally enjoyed, like the nightlife in Mumbai. Capitol in Hotel Ashoka, Baci Bar, Mirage, Café Morrison, Agni in Park Hotel, La Boheme and Grey Garden are the main attractions of the night revelers of Delhi.
  4. Bangalore: Though Bangalore is mainly known as IT hub of India, this city also has many nightclubs and bars, where people can enjoy their nights to an unlimited extend. Most of these clubs and bars are located in the posh area of the city, near the 5 Star hotels of the city, so that the foreign tourists can taste the craziness of the nightlife in Bangalore. Pecos, Athena, The Club Inferno and Club X are a few prominent names among the 40 popular pubs of this city.
  5. Pune: Pune is another favorite place for hangout of the youngsters, due to the presence of many lively pubs, nightclubs and discos, where they can enjoy the vibrant musical concerts, dancing, rock shows and sufficient supply of drinks throughout the nights, along with tasty dishes. Cyclone, Havana, Club Polaris, CO2 Lounge, Shisha Café and Atrium bar are the most popular destinations of the people enjoying the nightlife in Pune. 하노이 에코걸

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