Outsourcing photo editing allows a photographer to spend more time on marketing, sales, and networking than editing. It also frees up the studio creatives to focus on branding, styling, and getting products online.

It’s important to understand that not all outsourced retouchers are created equal. The quality of the images you receive will depend on the level of experience and skill of the editor. It’s a good idea to find out what type of work they’ve done in the past and if you can get examples of their work. You want to choose an established service that has already worked with other photographers, as they will be more familiar with your style and expectations than someone new.

One of the biggest concerns of photographers when considering outsourcing is that they will lose control. That’s a fair concern if you choose an inexperienced individual or company that doesn’t understand your unique style, but it’s not a valid argument if you go with a reputable, well-established service.

If you go with an established, high-quality editing service like Pixelz, Retouchup, or Fix The Photo you can expect a consistent level of quality with quick turnaround times. They will also have an in-depth onboarding process that may involve a phone call or meeting to ensure they understand your specific needs and how they should edit each image. They will then be able to use that style guide to provide consistent results for you, every time. outsource photo editing

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