While there are quite a few over-the-counter products that deal with skin health, few are as effective for moderate-to-severe skin problems as Tretinoin Cream.

Our skin goes through terrible abuses on a continual basis. In most cases, our skin has the ability to regenerate, healing the damage caused by the day’s activities. However, in many cases, some folks have more sensitive skin than others. What often causes skin to be sensitive to irritation and rashes is a Vitamin-A deficiency, problems in the general skin makeup, as well as the harshness of the person’s particular environment.

Essentially, skin takes abuse from a myriad of directions.

  • First, the dead and unhealthy skin on the very top layer harbors toxins.
  • Second, sensitive skin tends to develop reactions rather quickly.

However, if you were to remove the top layer, and then reinforce the subsequent layers of new, healthy skin with the necessary nutrients, you would effectively help heal the problem spots and renew the look and feel of your skin. This is why Tretinoin Cream is often so effective.

Tretinoin Cream’s Effects

Tretinoin Cream is most used for skin conditions, such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. Basically, when you apply to the areas of concern, the cream first breaks down and removes the upper layer of dead skin. This ‘exfoliation’ process utilizes a ‘chemical peel’, which takes way the top skin cells that are causing the issues.

Next, because the new skin has been exposed, it can absorb the retinol (Vitamin-A), reinforcing it with the necessary nutrients that are needed to provide a more youthful, healthier complexion. If you follow the directions from your physician, you may notice that your skin looks younger, it retains moisture, it’s softer, your fine lines and wrinkles are disappearing, and you are not nearly as prone to infection.However, there are a few unwanted side effects that may accompany this cream.

Common Side Effects and Allergic Reaction for using Tretinoin Cream

Perhaps the most common side effects are due to the chemical peel process: irritation, burning, itching, and sensitivity to sunlight. Because you are exposing new cells, these skin cells may still be underdeveloped. This is one reason why it is absolutely crucial to follow your physician’s directions, as applying cream too frequently can cause these problems to arise. tretinoin cream uk

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