A tunnel freezer is a cryogenic freezer used to rapidly cool food products. It uses gas or ventilated air to freeze products that pass through a tunnel-shaped freezing area. It is commonly found in the meat industry for chilling ground beef, sausages and other processed foods. The cooling process is also used for dairy, fruits, vegetables and other foods.

Cryogenic tunnel freezers have several advantages over conventional mechanical freezers, including greater energy efficiency and the ability to handle larger product volumes at lower temperatures. In addition, they require less maintenance and offer lower operating costs than mechanical freezers. They are often built to suit the size, shape and fragility specifications of specific products. The modular design of these freezers enables them to be expanded and repurposed for different applications as production needs change.

Tunnel freezers can be used to quickly freeze products at a temperature that is below the dew point. This is beneficial for the products because it allows them to preserve their moisture and nutrients. The freezing process is also more efficient than other methods of cooling, such as ice-chilling and refrigeration with carbon dioxide.

Many of these freezers use a conveyor belt that transports the food through the tunnel. The food is then cooled by the cryogenic liquid that is injected into the system. In most cases, the liquid is nitrogen, which has a low boiling point of -196 degrees Celsius. The nitrogen is injected into the tunnel and flows over the products to be frozen. In some cases, the product is placed in a mold before being sprayed with the nitrogen.

In addition to the tunnel freezer, there are many types of equipment that can be used in a meat processing plant to keep products at optimal levels of safety and freshness. These equipment items include an IQF tunnel freezer, a cascade-style freezer and a controlled rate freezer.

The IQF tunnel freezer is a popular choice for meat processors, as it can cool ground beef and other processed foods quickly and easily. The IQF tunnel freezer can also be used to quickly freeze seafood, cheese and vegetables. It is also useful for dairy and fruit processing, as it can help to retain the quality of certain products and prevent spoilage.

IQF tunnel freezers are able to be connected to storage dewars of either LN2 or CO2. Each of these liquid cryogens has its own unique set of properties that may benefit the particular type of food being frozen. Demaco has years of experience connecting and installing tunnel freezers to these tanks. Our experts can help you choose the best option for your application and ensure that it is properly connected to the cryogenic infrastructure to maximize its functionality.

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