There was a time when women wouldn’t hesitate to drop a few hundred dollars for something that said Michael Kors on it. While the brand still has a certain cache, it seems to have lost some of its appeal. Perhaps it is because it has become a little too edgy for its own good and has started to skew more towards the lower end of the luxury market. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a look! The designer has an incredible selection of bags for women, and there are a few that will definitely turn some heads.

This beautiful tote from the main collection is an easy way to add some signature glamour to your outfit. It features a sleek silhouette that can be worn over the shoulder or on your arm. The handles are crafted from leather and have a unique ornament by the strap that is both functional and decorative. The interior of this bag is well organized and has plenty of pockets. The padded pocket on the inside front wall can easily fit a laptop. The rest of the interior has two flat pockets and a zippered pocket.

The relaxed downtown sister to the uptown main line, diffusion brand MICHAEL Michael Kors effortlessly interprets New York City glamour with its supple leathers and relaxed shapes. The ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote is the perfect example, with its gold-tone MK logo medallion and a streamlined silhouette. The ‘Rhea’ backpack and the ‘Ginny’ cross-body bag also feature similar elements to give them their own distinct appeal.

Another great option is the Sady Carryall, which has an elegant feel that will elevate even the most casual ensemble. It has a neutral palette and comes in two dainty shades of pink, as well as a classic black. The fold-over design and branded hardware make this a standout accessory.

If you’re looking for something more glamorous, there is always the Marilyn Medium Leather Satchel. This chic satchel has enough room to hold all of your essentials, from keys and phones to wallets and lipstick. Its textured exterior and luxe finish will elevate jeans and T-shirts to a whole other level. It’s also the perfect accessory for a slinky dress or pantsuit.

The best part about MICHAEL Michael Kors is that it has a wide range of products to suit everyone’s style, from classic handbags to statement heels. And if you’re not ready to break the bank on that new handbag, you can use Klarna’s buy now pay later service to finance your purchase. Just be sure to shop responsibly — remember that mortgage lenders might be able to see purchases made on Klarna. With this in mind, here are a few of the top michael kors bags for women that are worth the investment:

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