Toilets are one of the most basic household fixtures, but they can also take a beating. Thankfully, they tend to break down less frequently than many high-tech home appliances. If you have a problem with yours, it’s important to find a toilet repair near me fast, since a broken commode can cause water damage and promote the growth of mildew and bacteria.

The most common type of toilet is a two-piece unit with a tank, flapper, and float. It uses gravity to flush, but some have a pump that sends a jet of water through the toilet to reduce water consumption. A clogged or overflowing toilet should be fixed immediately, as it can flood your bathroom and cause other problems, such as rotting floor boards and mold.

A common repair is replacing the wax seal or flange that holds the fixture in place on the floor and connects it to the drainpipe. This can be done by a handyman, and the price ranges from $60 to $200 on average. If you see pooling water around the base of your toilet, this is often a sign that the wax seal has broken. To test for this, squirt food coloring into the bowl and flush it. If the color appears in the bowl within a few minutes, the seal is cracked and needs to be replaced.

Another common repair is fixing a leaking toilet, which may be due to a cracked or loose installation, a faulty ballcock handle, or a leaky water supply valve or tank connection. A plumber can check for this and adjust the nut or seal as needed. toilet repair near me

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