Working in factories would mean that you work with a lot of heavy machinery. This usually equates to a lot of oil spills and leaks as these machines require a lot of maintenance to work smoothly everyday. This is why you will need an effective oil spill absorbent to prevent spills from causing accidents or creating a lot of mess. One such product line that would cater to your needs is the Spilfyter absorbents as they have universal products that can effectively absorb spills of any type and oil-only products that are made for absorbing oil and hydrocarbons only.

Going back to factories that usually need to clean oil and lubricant spills, the Spilfyter products have several products that can help prevent and clean such messes with great efficiency. Oil-only absorbent pads and rolls can be used to prevent leaks from spreading by placing them on the bases of heavy machines or leaky containers. They can also double up as rags to clean spills incurred during normal working procedures. Another product that can be used to prevent leaks from spreading is the oil-only socks. Using socks is useful for larger scale leaks due to its increased absorbing capacity. Aside from this, it can also be placed firmly attached to machines and containers due to its elastic nature. It acts as a barrier to prevent leaks from escaping, while also absorbing oil that it comes in contact with. Absorbent granules can be used to absorb stray spills as well while their absorbent drum tops can be used to ensure clean drums even with leaky faucets.

So if you usually encounter any type of oil spills of leaks in your workplace, look for the Spilfyter product that will best help you in preventing or cleaning up the mess. This way, can spend less time and effort in cleaning while ensuring a cleaner and safer workplace for the workers. customized socks with logo

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