The continuum is a scale of something, usually with no clearly defined ends but with different degrees. For example, a range of musical styles can be placed on a continuum from classical to rock music. Likewise, the range of parental styles can be placed on a continuum that spans from very strict discipline to more child-centered parenting. Gender is another aspect that can be placed on a continuum, with male-dominated society being one extreme and female-dominated society being the other. Crimes committed can also be seen on a continuum, from minor infractions to major crimes that require harsh punishments.

The word continuum can be used to describe many aspects of life, from parenting to physical fitness. When talking about a particular skill, it is often useful to see it in terms of a continuum, from beginner to expert. For example, a novice runner may be at the very bottom of the continuum, while an elite 5K runner is at the top.

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