Smoke damage can cause extensive damage to the interiors of homes and commercial properties, leaving behind a persistent smoky odour and other harmful toxins. If left untreated, smoke residue can corrode metal surfaces and weaken wood structures. It is therefore crucial to hire a professional company for smoke damage cleaning london after a fire. They can perform thorough deep cleaning and restoration of salvageable items, utilising various specialised techniques. These include ozone treatment and thermal fogging, both of which help to rectify smoke damage faster than conventional cleaning methods.

Depending on the length of time that the property has been exposed to smoke, it may be necessary to extract water from the building in order to prevent further damage from resulting mould growth. These steps, along with the proper cleaning and deodorisation of surfaces, will help to return the affected areas back to their pre-fire condition.

The first step of the process is to remove all traces of soot from surfaces. The next is to wash all porous materials, such as textiles and carpets. This is a very important part of the smoke damage clean up, as failure to wash such fabrics can result in permanent staining. Lastly, a professional team will implement advanced deodorisation techniques in order to fully eradicate stubborn odours.

This process involves spraying a special non-toxic chemical into all affected areas in the home or business that has suffered from smoke damage. This chemical neutralises the odour and removes it completely from all surfaces. smoke damage cleaning london

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