When you hear about quantum healing, what does that mean to you? Many people seek the help of a quantum healer to assist them in overcoming their physical or mental illness. These therapists are believed to use the power of a person’s mind and belief to shift energy and support healing by tapping into universal life-force energy, known as chi or prana. Quantum therapists also utilize the principles of resonance and entrainment, something that has scientific backing.

A quantum healing session involves a deep connection to your inner being, or Higher Self, for guidance and spiritual growth. The process of connecting to this Inner Being can help a person clear blockages, and gain insights and understanding about their current life or past lives.

QHHT practitioners are trained to invoke a trance state and deep relaxation so that you can connect with your Inner Being. The practitioner will ask you a series of questions about your life and help guide you through a regression into your past lives to bring forth information that can aid you in your life.

BQH is a heart-based modality that is heavily influenced by Dolores Cannon’s work, and as such, the techniques are very similar. However, there are differences in that BQH allows practitioners to be more flexible with their interpretation of how a session can run and thus offer more flexibility to clients. For example, some BQH practitioners are able to offer online and remote sessions which is a benefit for those who cannot physically travel to have an in-person session with a QHHT practitioner. quantum healing near me

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