From the days of Botticelli to Robert Mapplethorpe, nude photography has always been a pinnacle of fine art. Today, it is becoming a movement that empowers women and boosts confidence. If you are interested in having a session, it is important to find the right photographer for you. There are many things to consider, such as the photographer’s boudoir style and whether or not they are comfortable shooting full nudity. Also, be sure to ask the photographer what hair and makeup professionals they recommend, how much retouching they will do, and whether they provide their own studio.

Elizabeth Adams, a native Austinite, is an experienced photographer who has created high calibre boudoir and nude photography for over a decade. Her studio offers classic boudoir, fine art nude and erotic photography to women of all shapes and sizes. She is also experienced in helping her clients overcome their insecurities through her warm, welcoming and judgment-free environment.

Whether you are looking to show your husband what you look like without his knowledge, celebrate being 30, 40 or 50 and fabulous, increase self-esteem or simply spice up your marriage, Karla Hernx at KollectiveLuv Photography can help. She wants you to feel free and comfortable during your shoot, so she allows you to bring lingerie, robes, accessories and her play list of songs.

Melissa is a professional photographer who views her relationship with her clients as more than just a transaction. She starts every client off with a casual phone or in-person conversation to learn more about them. This allows her to understand their unique needs and put them at ease during their session. Nude photography Austin

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