Whether you’re heading out for the open road or just camping in your backyard, you want to keep food and drinks cold on board. With Norcold refrigerators and parts, you can enjoy peace of mind on your next RV trip or campout.

Door Seals: A tight seal keeps cool air inside the refrigerator and warm air out, preventing frost or condensation. Replacing worn or damaged seals helps ensure a strong seal and efficient fridge performance. Shelves and Bins: Easily customize your storage space in the refrigerator by adding or replacing shelves and bins. This also allows for a more organized look and reduces wasted space.

Defrosting: If your gas absorption refrigerator is prone to ice buildup in the freezer, a simple defrost cycle can help prevent costly repairs in the future. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe, effective defrosting.

Refrigerator Parts: Norcold refrigerator parts include evaporator controls, fans and reversing valves. These are designed to work together to efficiently cool the refrigerator and reduce odors. Replacement evaporator coils can help keep your food and beverages fresh for longer.

Temp Monitor Control: The 637360 refrigerator thermostat monitor control kit helps protect your fridge by monitoring the boiler temperature and preventing overheating. It’s easy to install and provides reliable performance.

During installation, it’s important to remember that the cooling unit will have screws that attach it to the refrigerator frame rails or the bottom of the refrigerator. To avoid loosening them, we recommend using blue Loctite threadlocker on the screws before reinstalling the fridge. norcold camper ac

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