Recently I returned from the Keller Williams Luxury Home Retreat in Austin and came back inspired and invigorated with renewed energy on how to serve upper bracket buyers and sellers of real estate in the Northern Virginia marketplace. First it would be helpful to have an operational definition of “luxury real estate”. In the McLean/Great Falls/North Arlington/Vienna, Oakton and Falls Church area of metropolitan Washington DC, any property over $1 million qualifies to be listed on the Luxury Home website. Agents in the Keller Williams Luxury Home Division have earned that right by proving that they have represented either buyers or sellers in a minimum number of transactions in the designated price category.

One outcome of being among Luxury Home agents from across the United States and Canada was the networking opportunity both at the retreat and what will occur on an ongoing basis. I’m now a trusted friend for those agents to send their clients to for assistance when relocating to this area. Further, I can reach out to those agents when I have a client who is considering purchasing real estate in their region. What a resource goldmine I have tapped into!

The panel discussions at the Luxury Home retreat offered fresh ideas and approaches that have been proven in other marketplaces. Working with the luxury home clientele requires sometimes thinking creatively, and the sharing of “best practices” with other top agents in their marketplace sure did get my creative juices flowing!

I don’t know about you, but when I play golf with someone who is not as a strong of a player as I am, or even a peer, it seems my game doesn’t rise to its highest potential (in other words it suffers). But when I play with others who are better than I am, it stretches and challenges me to a higher level of performance. Golf for me is a hobby that I share with my husband, so this comparison goes only so far. Working with buyers and sellers of real estate is my career and passion, but in some ways the same principle applies. At the Keller Williams Luxury Home retreat I was surrounded by agents at the “top of their game” in the upper bracket arena all over this great nation and Canada. Being surrounded by the “best of the best” challenges me to a whole new level of achievement and service. luxury marketplace

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