Mattar Residences is a freehold condominium located at 7 Matter Road in district 14. It comprises of 26 units. It is near Canossa Convent Primary School and MacPherson Primary School.

The big question with any new smart home technology is whether it will work with other devices and ecosystems, and with how much ease. In this case, the answer to that question is a very positive one: Matter has over 280 members and participants on board — including the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung SmartThings, GE Lighting and Mui Labs.

What exactly does that mean for consumers? The alliance covers lighting and electrics, locks and security devices, blinds and windows, and TVs. There’s even a dedicated AV system on the list. The line-up of companies involved reads like a who’s who in the IoT world and arguably makes it more comprehensive than any previous smart home standard, including Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth.

Matter works over Wi-Fi, ethernet and Thread, which means that most existing home devices that don’t have a built-in smart hub can be upgraded to be Matter-compatible with a firmware update or over-the-air software upgrade. We’ve already seen this with a few existing smart speakers and displays from Amazon and Google that have been updated to be Matter controllers, and several of Ikea’s Eero-compatible products have been made into Matter controllers too.

Other devices may need hardware changes to be Matter-compatible, such as swappable modules for Yale locks or Ethernet ports for Eve smart plugs. However, most of these products will still support their own native platforms and apps alongside the Matter controllers and the apps that run on them. matter residences

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