If you have a naturally wavy or curly mane, the right diffuser hair dryer can enhance your ringlets or bouncier waves. Unlike traditional blow drying methods that cause shrinkage and frizz, these versatile attachments help fluff your hair for a voluminous look while protecting your curls from damage. The best part is that they can be used on all hair lengths, including kinky strands.

Before you pick out the perfect diffuser for your curls, it’s important to understand what exactly they do. A diffuser spreads the airflow of a hair dryer over more space than a nozzle, which can be especially helpful for minimizing heat damage to curly strands. It also helps maintain the shape and definition of your curls and roots by spreading out the curl pattern rather than concentrating it in a single spot.

The number of holes and vents in a hair diffuser determines how quickly your curls dry. Thicker, more dense strands require a diffuser with more holes and customizable vents that allow you to slow down the process. Meanwhile, thinner strands may benefit from a diffuser with less holes and more surface area to minimize airflow.

Once you’ve selected the ideal diffuser for your curls, it’s time to start styling. Before you do, be sure to wash your hair and apply a detangler for curly hair to eliminate tangles. Then, liberally spritz your mane with a heat protectant. You want to ensure your strands are fully protected and ready for the heat styling to begin. After that, you’ll want to section your hair and start drying it with the diffuser attached. Begin by cupping the curls into the diffuser and moving it around your head in a circular motion as you go. Once you feel the ends and midsection of your hair are fully dried, move to the top and sides of your head to finish drying the remaining strands. diffuser hair dryer

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