If you’re in the market for a new conservatory or orangery, no doubt you’ll want to get an idea of costs before you commit to anything.

Getting a quote for a new conservatory or orangery couldn’t be easier. If you visit the websites of most of the major conservatory suppliers, you’ll probably have a range of options. Firstly, there’s the good old telephone. Simply call up and have a chat. You could also fire off an email.

However, most major conservatory and orangery suppliers these days have a comprehensive online form that asks you all the key questions required to put together a detailed quote for a new conservatory in just minutes. There are a lot of variables, but don’t be put off, these elements are usually fairly straight forward and enable your installer to provide the most accurate initial quote depending on your individual requirements.

You’ll be asked what shape conservatory you’re looking for – Victorian, Edwardian, Gabled, Lean-to, P-shaped or T-shaped. You’ll also be asked to choose your colour – white, light wood grain or dark wood grain. The form will then probably ask you for rough dimensions.

You’ll be asked what kind of base you’re looking for – you might want dwarf walls, glass-to-floor or glass-and-flat-panels. The form will ask you how many windows and doors you require and what type of polycarbonate or clear glass roof you’re looking for. You’ll also be able to specify a number of different glazing options, from self cleaning glass to the latest in energy efficient double glazing.

You’ll then provide your address so that you can be matched with a supplier in your area. You’ll also need to give your email address, for ease of communication, and your telephone number, so that a member of the customer support team can call if they need further help in choosing local suppliers.

Getting a conservatory or orangery quote will most likely be free. In some instances, you can get a quote on a conservatory in just two minutes. Once you’ve approved the quote, you’ll be contacted by the conservatory company with a view to signing a contract and making the necessary arrangements to begin work installing your new conservatory or orangery.

It’s easy to get a conservatory or orangery quote and there’ll be no obligation attached to your enquiry. So go online, get a conservatory quote today and take the first step in transforming your home living space. conservatory roof replacement

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