A custom wardrobe closet is a perfect solution for those with little storage space in their existing master bedroom or walk-in closet. Rather than investing in pricey renovations, a few creative DIY projects can be the answer to regaining your wardrobe’s full potential. Whether you want to install inexpensive open shelves for folded clothes, create an elegant jewelry display or repurpose an old dresser, these stylish and cost-effective closet ideas will make your wardrobe a truly personal and organized masterpiece.

Location: Choosing the right spot for your closet is important. You want it to be convenient to access, not too far from your bed and ideally not blocking any architectural features or vents. This also determines what kind of closet components you’ll need.

Organizing: Once your wardrobe is in place, it’s time to get organizing. Start by decluttering and sorting through your clothing – this will help you identify what items are truly necessary to keep in the wardrobe, and what can be tossed or donated. This will also allow you to better organize what remains and can often result in finding space you didn’t think you had.

One common mistake when installing a new closet is storing clothes in the wrong way. For example, if you typically hang your tops, changing to hanging baskets will free up space on your top shelves for other items (and give you that “champagne” look at a beer-budget friendly price). Similarly, storing your sweaters in drawers can provide extra storage while allowing them to breathe and not become wrinkled. custom wardrobe closet

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