Getting locked out of your home or vehicle is not uncommon. In our busy schedules we often face lapses and make mistakes that may prove costly and painful later on. One of the main concerns of a parent or guardian is inadvertently locking your child or baby inside your vehicle. 24% of all non-crash related casualties for children are caused by leaving them unattended in a locked vehicle. A seemingly unforgivable act, many parents have faced identical circumstances in their lives. If you are ever in such a predicament call emergency services right away and then locate a car locksmith closest to you.

The statistics are staggering! In 2007, 165 children lost their lives because they were left unattended in a vehicle. This figure is not acceptable in a country like the United States. You think it could never happen to you? Heat stroke from being left in vehicles is a leading baby and child killer. Some experts have attributed these tragic occurrences to something termed as “Forgotten Baby Syndrome” or FBS. Sometimes the brain goes into an autopilot mode, when the parent performs routine tasks with minimal deliberation and thought. The act of driving to work or the store may be such a routine task. If the parent is under some stress or is sleep deprived, in such a milieu the parent often unconsciously suppresses the cognitive memory of an event, such as remembering to take the baby to day care or to take the child out of the car at the store. If you have a young child you should remember to check the vehicle to ensure there is nobody in the vehicle when you exit. Do not text or take phone calls while driving, it is highly distracting, causes accidents and may cause you to forget about the child in the backseat. Ask your child care provider or babysitter to call you at work if your child did not arrive on time.

Sometimes the child knowingly gets into the car on his or her own accord and gets locked in. Remember to always keep a check on your child. Keep the car keys and remotes away from the reach of your children. If your child is missing, check your car or car trunk immediately. If the baby is trapped, call 911 and find a car locksmith.

If you find someone’s child locked in a vehicle get involved. Call emergency services. The child may be traumatized and anxious. Try to pacify him or her. Call a car locksmith. key duplication

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