For those with curly, wavy or textured hair, finding a stylist that understands your unique texture and loves it as much as you do can be challenging. We’ve rounded up the best curl-friendly salons in Melbourne to make it easier than ever for you to rock your gorgeous mane.

Whether you’re seeking a low-key trim, a fresh colour or an epic style overhaul, we’ve got the salons that will give your curls a whole lot of love. Just be sure to book in ahead, as their schedules fill up fast!

A genuinely skilled curly hairdresser is hard to come by. A true specialist will prioritise listening and education over promoting their products or slathering on curl-reactive gels. They’ll provide results that reflect how you live with your curls and support your follicle goals for the future. It’s also important to look for a hairdresser who is not afraid to work with your hair when it is wet. Otherwise, you may end up with a cut that looks different when it’s dry. This is a common issue with straighter strands, but it can be catastrophic for curlies. To avoid this, ask your upcoming hairdresser about their process for working with curls when they’re wet. If they say they can’t or won’t, consider another salon. curly hairdresser melbourne

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