If you travel a lot for your job, buying a field bag may benefit you. A field bag, or also known as a messenger or canvas bag, is basically a carry on sized bag that fits all your most important things for your trip. These bags can hold laptops, tools, documents, and other electronics. For men, purchasing larger sized bags is popular because the smaller bags seem to resemble a woman’s purse too much. However, there are men out there who are comfortable in carrying a “man bag” so you don’t have to conform to everyone else’s tastes. A field bag can come in my shapes and styles depending on what you plan to use it for. An engineer style field bag is great for students or interns around the globe. These bags provide pockets for laptops, folders, documents, writing utensils, and calculators. They can come in many standard or custom colors, and are extremely affordable at around $30.00.

Another popular type of bag is the canvas style bag. These styles are usually made to sling over your shoulder and made for carrying long distances. People from soldiers in the Army, to European backpackers use this type of field bag as their choice of tote. When it comes to color, these canvas style field bags are usually in shade of brown and green. Although more bag manufacturers are now creating bags in more bright and popular shades like yellow and pink. For a more professional approach to these bags, try purchasing a leather bag. These bags are most commonly used by business professionals and professors. The leather adds a touch of glass, but some men feel these resemble purses too much. Whatever your preferences there are many colors and styles to choose from to fit your packing needs.

For the younger crowd, the Jack Spade bag is becoming an increasingly popular style of choice. This simple and sleek design makes it universal for students, business professionals, carriers, and artists. It offers pockets for your cell phone, headphones and MP3 player, elastic pencil holders, interior organizing folders, and a secure Velcro closure system. This type of bags can be found at most retailers who sale book bags and totes. Retailers like Bloomingdale, Wal-Mart, and L.L. Bean offer many types of bags in many styles and colors. If you plan to purchase a field bag online, you will more than likely run into some great deals! Some online retailers will even offer free or low shipping cost to you when you place your order.

Smaller field bags can cost you around $10-$20, so they are very affordable. The more luxurious you want your field bag to be will ultimately determine your budget for spending. An average bag should not cost you more than about $60.00 at any quality retailer. If you are spending more than that, be sure the style and features are worth it. It’s also important to do your research before buying because there are deals everywhere for these types of bags. michael kors handbags for ladies

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