The capital city of Hungary offers a plethora of stunning photography spots. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, Budapest has it all. With a little exploration, you can find new perspectives and capture unique images that will take your visitors to the heart of this magical city.

Capture the City’s Night Lights

The cityscape transforms into a dazzling display of lights after dark. A visit to the Parliament building and Fisherman’s Bastion at this time of day will be a treat for your eyes and will make for stunning photographs. Be sure to use a tripod to prevent blurry shots and experiment with long exposures to create dreamy effects.

Shoes on the Danube River Memorial

The Shoes on the Danube river memorial is one of the most poignant sites in the city. Dedicated to the memory of those who were murdered during World War II, this is a moving spot that is definitely worth a visit. It is a popular place for couples to take photos and it’s best to visit during the early morning or late evening when the crowds are less.

Buda Castle Hill is another great spot for capturing the city skyline and its surrounding attractions. You can capture a wide panoramic shot from here and also photograph the lions guarding the bridge with Buda castle in the background. It’s a beautiful and symmetrical photo spot that is particularly good during the sunset.

Explore the City’s Streets and Neighborhoods

Whether you are looking for a local market or a traditional coffee shop, the streets of Budapest are full of charm. Explore the side streets and alleyways to discover a variety of hidden gems that will provide you with some great photographs. This is a great way to capture the authentic spirit of the city and show your followers what it really is like to live in this wonderful city.

Capture the City’s Reflections

The beautiful Danube river and the cities numerous thermal baths are great places to look for reflection shots of Budapest. You can also find reflective images at some of the city’s many public squares and monuments. Be sure to explore every inch of a public square or monument, as you may find some interesting angles, framing, or even an event that is not always visible from the main entrance.

Shoot at the Budapest Target Shooting Range

For an adrenaline rush and a fun experience, head to the city’s shooting range to try out some real weapons. This is a perfect activity for groups of all sizes and shooting experience is not required. So, bring your friends and family to Budapest Shooting for an unforgettable experience!

The city of Budapest has been used as a setting for a number of movies and TV shows. Some of these include: shooting Budapest

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