Although we can do our utmost to prevent fires from happening by
isolating the sources of heat from combustibles and oxygen, it is
often the unexpected event that catches us unawares.


Sometimes, forgetfulness can result in an accidental fire. Putting a
kettle to boil water on a gas stove and forgetting about it can be
disastrous. When all the water has evaporated, the kettle becomes red
hot, melt and spread the molten metal around.

LP gas leaks are also dangerous. If the fuel-air mixture is in just
the right proportion, an explosion can occur when a heat source is
introduced in. Many accidents have occurred when a light is switched on
in an explosive environment. The correct thing to do then is to free the
room of any gas by shutting off the source of the gas and letting in more
fresh air into the room.

Chemical reactions can also cause heat and fire. Mixing acids and
alkalis, mixing components of some household glue like epoxy resins and
hardeners can generate quite a substantial amount of heat that can lead
to fires. The containers used and the amount of chemical used can have a
great effect on the heat produced. Plastic containers are known to melt
and burn when large quantities of thermosetting plastics like epoxies are
mixed with hardeners.

Fires are also known to be started by the careless smokers who throw
lighted cigarette butts indiscriminately. Many bush fires are started
this way. Some areas are especially vulnerable to careless acts like
these. People working in the garage at home should be very careful not
to cause a fire, especially with open petrol cans and other volatile
fuels around them. Sometimes, smokers fall asleep while smoking, and
their bed or sofa catches fire. The rubber foam mattress used for
bedding can catch fire easily.

Although most electrical equipment is quite safe as far as fire is
concerned, the use of sub-standard and poorly designed equipment may
give rise to overheating and fires. Carelessness in the area of
electrical appliances can cause fires as well as electrical shocks.
Many households use multiple power points because they have many
electrical equipment that must be used at the same time. Videos,
television, fans, radios, and fancy lights may occupy only one
electrical socket. When a multiple adapter is used, usually the
connection pins cannot be fitted very tightly. The loose power
connections are a source of sparking and deterioration of the insulation
materials and can lead to fires. portable fire pump

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