Grip socks are a must-have for sports players to avoid painful blisters. They also lock in the foot inside the boot and improve agility. The socks have thick soles and rubber paneling to help prevent slipping, and they are made with breathable material to reduce sweating.

Grip Socks
Gripping socks were introduced by physiotherapist Luke Goodwin who was on the hunt for non-slip socks that would be suitable for adults. When he was unable to find what he wanted, he decided to create his own. He used a special knit to give the socks their grip, and this was the start of what is now a hugely popular product.

The breathable material in the grip socks means that players’ feet are not as hot and sweaty, which helps to stop them slipping around in their boots or rubbing against them. It reduces the risk of minor injuries like blisters, which can be especially common during pre-season training or when playing on harder ground surfaces.

The grippy layer in the grip socks has been tested against standard compression stockings and regular football socks by using the wet pendulum method. The test results showed that the grip socks had a lower coefficient of friction than the other two samples. This indicates that the grip socks may reduce in-shoe slipping and enhance speed and agility, but further research will be required to verify these findings. In addition, the research will need to be replicated on other sock materials and on different shoe-sock combinations to further understand the effect of sock material on friction. custom grip socks

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