One of the easiest ways to increase your brand and connect with others online is through the use of YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest searched for site right behind Google and in 2010 there were over 700 billion video playbacks with over 2 billion videos viewed every day.

So you might be asking yourself how blogging fits into YouTube and the answer to that is it’s very simple you have already started blogging and with statistics like I just mentioned your crazy not to incorporate video into your branding.

Yet most bloggers don’t create video because they are afraid of getting behind the camera.

Fear of the Camera

This fear is something you need to get past and the easiest way to do that is make videos so that you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Often times people think that their video wont’ be good enough or they won’t look good in the video and the sooner you get over this the sooner you will produce great videos.

Keep in mind that you will always have people who won’t like your videos and this is no different than anything else…the one thing I can tell you is that the majority of your audience will like your videos as long as they are interesting and you provide value.

So how do you create interesting video that will keep your audience engaged? Here are a few tips that I use and if you will keep these in mind when creating videos it will help with your success using YouTube.

Determine What Your Video is About

Write down a couple things that you have in mind and then ask yourself these couple questions:

1. Are others interested in this topic? To find out how popular this topic is go to Google Keyword Tool

This is the page you will see when you go the link I have shared above it’s very simple to use enter your keywords you would like to search and once you click search your exact keyword as well as other keywords similar to that will come up in the keyword ideas box.

Your looking for a keyword phrase that has medium to low competition and then for global monthly searches you don’t want to find the biggest number here and the reason is if there is say 145,000 global monthly searches it will be very difficult for you to compete for the first page of Google.

My recommendation is to find a global monthly search that is below 15,000 the lower the better but you don’t want say 100 global monthly searches because if you go this low you won’t get traffic.

Once you find the keyword phrase then think of key points you want to get across in your video and be sure these key points will help your audience solve their problems.

Rehearse your video in your head or out loud before you actually get in front of the camera and make notes of the thing you want to talk about.

Record Your Video

Now that you have decided what your video will be about it’s time to record a video.

Here are some tips for recording a video:

1) If you chose to shoot a video outside be sure that it is quiet there is nothing more distracting then watching a video with the wind blowing, dogs barking or loud noises in the background.

2) Be in a setting that is natural to you so if you feel most comfortable at your desk then that is where you should shoot the video or if you feel most comfortable in your home then by all means shoot your video in the your favorite spot of your home.

3) Be sure that the background of your video is not too distracting if there are a lot of things in the background especially if they are moving people might focus more on those things than your video.

4) You want at least from your chest up this way you can engage with your audience by using your hands while talking and your audience will be able to see it.

5) Speak just as if you were taking to friend on the phone or in person. Be sure that you speak clearly and not too fast. Be natural on video just like you are in real life and your audience will connect with you easier.

6) Your videos should be 2-3 minutes unless your doing a how to video and it takes longer to get through all the steps then that is fine if it’s longer.

7) If possible record in HD(high definition) your videos will look so good. Many cell phone have the option of HD video so don’t feel like you need to go buy a new camera. I personally use the Canon VIXIA HFM41 video camera and I love it not only for my own videos but also videos of my kids. I purchased it online at 52nd Street photo in New York they had the best price on it.

8) Be sure you don’t read from a script or have your entire video memorized because your audience will be able to tell and it will be a turn off.

9) Last tip is your video doesn’t have to be perfect the main thing is to start doing video and get comfortable the rest will come with practice.

Edit Your Video

Now that your video is done you want to edit or clean it up before you publish it.

I have a PC so I use Windows Movie Maker it is free and comes with most PC computers. Within Windows Movie Maker your are able to edit the beginning and end of your video, you can add captions headlines and much more once your done editing with this software your video will be ready to upload. buy youtube comments

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