So, you want to Buy Airsoft Guns online? Well here are 3 quick and simple tips to help you avoid getting ‘burned’.

  1. Make sure that the company you want to buy from is reputable and has been around for a while. Can you find anyone who’s bought from them – and had a good experience?
  2. The easiest way I can recommend to get this kind of data is to go and search the Airsoft forums. There are many to choose from, just do a Google search.
  3. If the forum has a search function, use that first before asking if ‘Supplier Bob’ is a good company or not. You see some forum users can be a bit grumpy, so do a quick search to see if your question has already been answered – this can spare you from unnecessary aggravation and is considered good forum etiquette anyway.
  4. If ordering from overseas, make sure you’re pride and joy isn’t going to get confiscated and destroyed by customs. Many countries do not allow the import of such items without a special license. Make sure you know the law on Airsoft guns in your country before trying to buy.
  5. Do a quick search on ‘can I import an airsoft gun’ and you’ll find a mountain of useful information relevant to the legal situation of airsoft guns in your country.
  6. If buying on eBay, check how many sales the vendor has made and preferably their positive feedback score is 100% or near enough to not make a difference. Be certain to read the description fully and if in doubt ask the seller a question. Trust your instincts. Whilst eBay is a pretty safe place to buy goods, there are a few scam merchants out there. Check their stats, read the description carefully, ask questions if necessary and walk away if your gut tells you to. And you’ll be fine.

Caveat emptor‘ – a posh way of saying “Let the buyer beware” – is always worth keeping in mind when buying online, but follow these quick and simple tips and you’ll soon be running around skirmishing with your new pride and joy. Waffen online in Deutschland kaufen

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